(a)    Council, by ordinance or resolution which may be amended from time to time to meet the necessities of changing conditions, shall establish a schedule of just and equitable rates or charges for the use of and service rendered by the City sewage system, which shall be paid by the owner of each and every lot, parcel of real estate or building connected with, served by or using such sewage system.
   (b)    In the event the sewage, water or other liquid wastes being discharged into the sanitary or combined sewers from any building or premises is determined by the City to contain unduly high concentrations or any substances which add to the operating costs of the City sewage system, then the City may establish special rates or charges as to such class of buildings or premises, or the City may require the owner or other interested party to specially treat such sewage water or other liquid wastes before it is discharged into the City sewage system.  (Passed 10-21-80. )