(a)    Service Connections and Tapping Fee.  The terms service connection and tapping fee shall be interchangeable.
   (b)   Separate Connections Required.  Only one house or building shall be served by each sanitary sewer connection.  When by reason of topography or other unusual circumstances Council authorizes a departure from the foregoing requirements of this section, a written agreement must be entered into absolving the City of all maintenance from buildings to main, whether in the street or not, and agreeing to separate connection charges for each residence or building.
   (c)   Multiple Occupancy.  On apartment buildings, or other multiple occupancy buildings, including trailer courts, mobile or immobile, each family or business unit shall be required to pay not less than the minimum monthly charge herein established.  Motels and hotels shall pay according to the amount of water used.
   (d)   Connection Charge.  A minimum connection charge of four hundred fifty dollars ($450.00) shall be made for new customers of the sewer facilities.  When the cost of labor, material and equipment for any connection exceeds said sum, the balance of said cost shall be paid before the connection is completed.
(Ord. 2002-1.  Passed 3-5-02.)