(a)    Except as hereinafter provided in this article, no person shall construct or maintain any privy, privy vault, septic tank, cesspool or other facility intended or used  for the disposal of human wastes within the City. (Passed 10-21-80)
   (b)    Any owner of houses, buildings or properties used for human occupancy, employment, recreation or other purposes situated within the City and abutting any street, easement or right of way in which there is now located or may in the future be located a public sanitary sewer of the City is hereby required, at his expense, to install suitable toilet facilities directly with the proper public sewer in accordance with the provisions of this section, within thirty days after the date of official notice to do so.  Provided that if a house, building or property used for human occupancy, employment or recreation at the time it is incorporated into the City limits by a change of the boundaries of the City of St. Marys is not connected to the public sewer, then such house, building or property shall be exempt from this provision unless said building, house or other property constitutes a nuisance or a hazard as determined by the City Manager.  (Ord. 1989-2.  Passed 6-6-89.)