General Provisions
901.01   Street grades.
901.02   Games, kite flying in streets or squares.
901.03   Digging; breaking.
901.04   Obstructing free passage.
901.05   Obstructing gutters.
901.06   Laths, brick, stone, etc., on streets and sidewalks.
901.07   Removal of snow or ice from sidewalks and upkeep of sidewalk.
901.08   Sidewalk to be swept weekly.
901.09   Removal of obstructions and nuisances generally.
901.10   Allowing water to run on streets and sidewalks.
901.11   Cellarways; area; steps.
901.12   Obstructing streets and sidewalks with boxes, barrels.
901.13   Unlawful deposits.
901.14   Driving vehicles into fenced off areas.
901.15   Signs.
901.16   Awnings.
901.17   Excavations and obstructions to be lighted.
901.18   Vehicles scattering loads upon streets.
901.19   Auctions on streets.
901.20   Openings for water or gas.
901.21   Downspouts and drains.
901.22   Cutting of grass and weeds between sidewalks and curbs.
901.23   Opening for repair of sewers.
901.24   Placing or mixing concrete, cement, etc.
901.25   Closing of water covered streets; exceptions.
901.26   Cross connection control.
901.99   Penalty.
General power to regulate - see W.Va. Code 8-12-5(1)
Special charges for street cleaning, etc. - see W.Va. Code 8-13-13
Connection to State road system - see W.Va. Code 17-4-26 et seq.
Action for damages occasioned by defective streets, etc. - see W.Va. Code 17-10-17
Street obstructions - see TRAF. 311.01