Utilities Generally
925.01   Minimum size of water mains and lines.
925.02   Connecting storm sewer or drain to sanitary sewer.
925.03   Connecting sanitary sewer to storm sewer.
925.04   Certain structures deemed nuisances.
925.05   Order to connect to City sewer system.
925.06   Permit required to deposit  human excrement upon ground; fee; location.
925.07   Depositing sewage and industrial wastes in Coal River.
925.08   Combined waterworks and sewage system.
925.09   Water and sewer deposit.
925.10   Backflow prevention.
925.99   Penalty.
Public improvements - see CHTR. §43
Authority to regulate utility systems - see W.  Va.  Code 8-12-5(32)
Sewer connections - see W.  Va.  Code 8-18-22