Preamble, Enactment Clause and Definitions
   158.001   Authority and purpose
   158.002   Title
   158.003   Jurisdiction
   158.004   Definitions
Establishment of Districts
   158.015   Division of area into districts
   158.016   Zoning map and district boundaries
   158.017   Rules for determining boundaries
Application of Regulations
   158.030   Zoning affects every building and use
   158.031   Yard service to one building
   158.032   One principal building to a lot
   158.033   Street frontage
   158.034   Inspection of required buffers
   158.035   Minimum lot size in residential zones
   158.036   Subdivision of property of less than ten acres
   158.037   Time period of compliance
   158.038   Screening of trash receptacles
General Provisions
   158.050   Continuance of non-conforming uses
   158.051   Discontinuance of non-conforming uses
   158.052   Off-street automobile parking and storage
   158.053   Off-street loading and unloading spaces
   158.054   Standards for mobile homes
   158.055   Garage sales in all zones
Use Requirements for Development Districts (D-1)
   158.070   Intent
   158.071   Permitted uses
   158.072   Permitted special exceptions
Use Requirements for Residential District (R-1, R-2, R-3)
   158.085   Intent
   158.086   R-1 Residential District (single- family)
   158.087   R-2 Residential District (duplex)
   158.088   R-3 Residential District (multi-family)
Use Requirements for Commercial District (C-1, C-2)
   158.100   General Commercial (C-1)
   158.101   Neighborhood Commercial (C-2)
Use Requirements for Industrial District (I-1)
   158.115   Intent
   158.116   Permitted uses
Special Provisions
   158.130   Non-conforming lots of record
   158.131   Lot size, setback and height requirements for all zoning districts
   158.132   Vision clearance
   158.133   Annexation
   158.134   Amendment proceedings
   158.135   Group developments
   158.136   Regulation; group commercial or industrial
   158.137   Regulation; group housing
   158.138   Mobile home park
   158.139   Day nurseries and kindergartens
   158.140   Required buffer
   158.141   Setbacks for Residential Districts
   158.142   Reserved
   158.143   Game room; amusement centers
   158.144   Sexually oriented businesses
   158.145   Authorizing certain dwellings and buildings to be declared unfit and demolished
   158.146   Restrictions on residency of sex offenders
   158.160   Authority
   158.161   Jurisdiction
   158.162   Title and substitution clause
   158.163   Purpose
   158.164   Definitions
   158.165   General provisions
   158.166   Exempt signs
   158.167   Prohibited signs
   158.168   Temporary signs
   158.169   Signs permitted in all zoning districts
   158.170   Business signs
   158.171   Non-conforming signs
   158.172   Administration
   158.173   Enforcement
Cluster Development
   158.185   Intent
   158.186   Definitions
   158.187   Location and minimum size
   158.188   Density and recreation area
   158.189   Yards
   158.190   Minimum lot size
   158.191   Off-street parking and loading
   158.192   Recreation area maintenance
   158.193   Procedure for approval of cluster development
Administration and Enforcement
   158.205   Responsibility for administration
   158.206   Duties of the Zoning Administrator
   158.207   Zoning permit required
   158.208   Application for zoning permit
   158.209   Construction progress
   158.210   Records of applications and certificate
   158.211   Complaints regarding violations
   158.212   Remedies
Zoning Board of Appeals
   158.225   Establishment, membership and proceedings of the Board
   158.226   Powers and duties of the Board of Adjustment
   158.227   Special exception
   158.228   Appeals from the Zoning Board of Appeals
   158.229   Functions of Zoning Administrator, Board of Appeals, Town Council and Courts of Interpretation, Administration and Appeal
   158.240   Amendments
   158.241   Minimum area requirements for creation of new zoning districts
   158.242   Planning Commission review
   158.243   Planning Commission study and report to Town Council
   158.244   Public hearing on proposed amendment
   158.245   Notice of public hearings
   158.246   Reconsideration of proposed amendments
Fees and Charges
   158.260   Schedule of fees and charges
   158.261   Fees
   158.262   No action until fees paid
Legal Status
   158.275   Separability
   158.276   Effective date
Beautification and Unification
   158.290   Purpose
   158.291   Architecture
   158.292   Landscape
   158.293   Buffers
   158.999   Penalty
   Appendix:  Cluster Developments
   Home occupations, see §§ 116.01 through 116.06