§ 160.777 AMENDMENTS.
   Amendments to this chapter will be handled in the following manner.
   (a)   The city council may, from time to time, on its own motion or on petition, after public notice and hearing as provided by law, amend, supplement or otherwise modify this chapter herein or subsequently established. Any proposed amendment, supplement, or modification shall first be submitted to the planning commission for its recommendations and report. The report shall contain the findings of the planning commission regarding the effect of the proposed amendment, supplement, or modifications upon adjacent property and upon the comprehensive plan of the City of Sioux Falls. If no report is received from the planning commission in 90 days, it may be assumed that the commission has approved the amendment. Whenever a municipality assumes zoning jurisdiction in any area outside the limits of the municipality, the county zoning commission of the county in which the area lies shall sit with the city planning commission on all matters pertaining to the planning and regulation of the area; and no zoning powers provided by this subchapter shall be effective in any area until each of the commissions makes a recommendation to the city council and the board of county commissioners. Each planning commission shall make the recommendation to the city council and county commissioners within 90 days of a request by the city planning commission that the county planning commission sit with them for purposes of zoning in the area outside the city limits of the municipality.
   (b)   If the ordinance be adopted, the same shall be published and take effect as other ordinances unless the referendum be invoked.
(1992 Code, App. B, § 15.73.030) (Ord. 42-83, passed 6-27-1983; Ord. 5-88, passed 1-18-1988; Ord. 9-13, passed 3-19-2013)