§ 155.019  BOND REQUIRED.
   As a condition of his or her license, every person who engages in the activity or business of sign or outdoor advertising in the city shall maintain and deliver to the zoning enforcement manager a continuous bond in the penal sum of $10,000 in a form approved by the city with the licensee as principal on the bond and the city as the obligee for its benefit and that of consumers dealing with the contractor. The bond shall be conditioned upon compliance with the provisions of this chapter and chapter 160 of this Code. Claims upon the bond may be filed by any person damaged by reason of the principals failure to perform his or her obligation under the bond. The bond shall be in addition to all other license bonds. The bond shall be written by a corporate surety authorized to transact business in the state. Suspension or revocation of the license of the principal shall not by itself affect the liability of either the principal or the surety on the bond except that the liability of the surety shall not extend to acts or omissions of the principal occurring after the effective date of his or her license suspension or revocation.
(1992 Code, § 37-18)  (Ord. 30-87, passed 5-18-1987; Ord. 157-95, passed 12-18-1995)