Any permit issued under the provisions of this subchapter may be suspended or revoked by the police chief or his or her designee for the violation by the permittee of any provision of city ordinance, state or federal law, rule, or regulation, or for other good cause. The permittee may appeal through the procedures established by the administrative code provisions of this code according to the procedure set forth in § 30.040.
   If the police chief or his or her designee finds good cause to suspend or revoke a permit, the police chief or his or her designee may take immediate action to suspend or revoke the permit. A suspension shall be temporary in nature and the terms of any suspension shall be specified at the time of issuance; however, if no other time period is specified for a suspension, the suspension shall be deemed in effect for the initial maximum time period of 90 days. The suspension period may be reviewed and increased by up to 90-day increments if there is a valid reason for the extension. However, a total period of suspension shall not exceed one year under any circumstances. The peddler shall be informed of any temporary suspension or extension(s) of the suspension period. A peddler shall have the right to appeal any suspension, extension of a suspension, or revocation pursuant to the provisions of this code. Any circumstances or events that lead to a permit suspension herein can similarly amount to good cause for a revocation. A revocation may be ordered immediately without a suspension or at any time during or after a suspension.
(1992 Code, § 29-25)  (Ord. 49-06, passed 4-17-2006; Ord. 131-15, passed 12-15-2015; Ord. 38-16, passed 4-19-2016)  Penalty, see § 117.999