§ 117.021  APPLICATION.
   The application for a permit required by the provisions of this subchapter shall include at least the following information:
   (a)   A statement as to whether or not the applicant has been convicted of any crime, misdemeanor, or violation of any state or federal law or municipal ordinance or code other than traffic offenses; the nature of the offense; the punishment or penalty assessed therefor, if previously convicted; and the place of conviction;
   (b)   Whether the applicant, upon any sale or order, shall demand, accept, or receive payment or deposit of money in advance of final delivery;
   (c)   The period of time the applicant wishes to engage in business within the city;
   (d)   The local and permanent addresses of the applicant;
   (e)   The local and permanent addresses and the name of the entity, if any, that the applicant represents;
   (f)   The kind of goods, wares, merchandise, or services the applicant wishes to peddle within the city;
   (g)   The cities or towns wherein the applicant has worked as a peddler for the last five years prior to application; and
   (h)   The applicant's date of birth, state of issuance and government picture identification number, and social security number or other identifying number.
   (i)   The state of South Dakota sales tax number for the applicant and/or the entity that the applicant represents.
(1992 Code, § 29-18)  (Ord. 49-06, passed 4-17-2006; Ord. 131-15, passed 12-15-2015)