Should any member of the Firefighters' Pension Fund who has 15 or more years of credited service cease to be employed by the city as a firefighter prior to becoming eligible for voluntary retirement benefits, for any reason except to become a retirant or death, that person shall remain a member during the period of absence from city service for the exclusive purpose only of receiving a superannuation retirement pension provided for in § 39.315. The pension shall begin on the first day of the calendar month next following the month in which the member files an application for pension with the board on or after attainment of age 60 years. If the member withdraws all or part of his or her accumulated contributions, that person shall thereupon cease to be a member and shall forfeit all rights in and to a deferred pension provided for in this section.
(1957 Rev. Ords., § 2.1117; 1992 Code, § 35-97)  (Ord. 110-89, passed 10-16-1989; Ord. 118-16, passed 12-20-2016)