The officers of the Firefighters' Pension Fund shall be as follows.
   (a)   The board shall elect from its members a chairperson and a chairperson pro tem.
   (b)   The director of human resources shall serve as the administrative officer to the board of trustees and shall transact all business of the pension fund except for the accounting and investment activities which shall be delegated to the city finance director.
   (c)   The city finance director shall be treasurer of the pension fund and shall administer the accounting and investment activities of the pension fund as well as be custodian of all the assets except those placed with a funding agent or investment counsel as provided in § 39.332.
   (d)   The city attorney shall be legal advisor to the board.
   (e)   The board shall appoint an actuary who shall be the technical advisor to the board on matters regarding the operation of the pension fund who shall perform those other duties as are required in connection therewith.
   (f)   The board shall have power to select and employ a funding agent or engage in contract for investment counsel and advice as provided in § 39.332.
   (g)   The board of trustees, by resolution, may appoint an administrator and may hire additional employees as may be required to transact the business of the pension fund. The board of trustees shall require bonding of the administrator in an amount set by the board of trustees, which may be included under any city employee's blanket bond. The bond premium may be paid by the pension fund.
   (h)   The administrator shall make available to any member of the pension fund and to any beneficiary of the pension fund a summary pension fund description. The summary pension fund description shall be written in a manner to be understood by the average member of the pension fund and shall be sufficiently accurate and comprehensive to apprise participants and beneficiaries of their rights and obligations under the pension fund. The summary pension fund description shall include:
      (1)   The name and address of the administrator;
      (2)   Names, titles and addresses of any trustees;
      (3)   A description of the relevant provisions of any applicable collective bargaining agreement;
      (4)   The pension fund's requirements respecting eligibility for participation and benefits;
      (5)   A description of provisions providing for nonforfeitable pension benefits;
      (6)   Circumstances which may result in disqualification, ineligibility or denial or loss of benefits;
      (7)   The source of financing of the pension fund and the identity of any organization through which benefits are provided;
      (8)   The date of the end of the pension fund year and whether the records of the pension fund are kept on a calendar, policy or fiscal year basis; and
      (9)   The procedures to be followed in presenting claims for benefits under the pension fund and the remedies available under the pension fund for the redress of claims which are denied in whole or in part.
   (i)   The administrator shall, upon written request of any participant or beneficiary, furnish a copy of the latest updated summary pension fund description, the latest annual report and any bargaining agreement, trust agreement, contract or other instrument under which the pension fund is established or operated. The administrator may make a reasonable charge to cover the cost of furnishing complete copies.
   (j)   The administrator shall annually furnish to each pension fund member or beneficiary a statement showing, on the basis of the latest available information, the member's or beneficiary's accumulated contributions, if any; total benefits accrued and nonforfeitable benefits, if any, which have accrued; or the earliest date on which his or her benefits will become nonforfeitable.
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