It shall be the duty of the abutting property owner and tenant to maintain and repair the sidewalks in front of and adjoining their property to allow the safe travel on the sidewalk by pedestrians and passersby. The abutting property owner and tenant must also ensure the sidewalk is free from obstructions (e.g., boxes, rocks, firewood, tricycles, breaks in the sidewalks, cracks in the sidewalks or any other obstacle). If the sidewalk is icy, sanding and/or deicing treatment is required. Where the owner or occupant fails to maintain the sidewalk in good repair or fails to remove snow and ice or other obstructions, the city may make any necessary repair or remove such obstruction and assess the cost thereof to the abutting property. Notice is not required prior to an assessment. (Ord. 416, 1-3-1994; amd. Ord. 494, 3-1-2010)