Parking Generally
460.01   Marking of parking areas.
460.02   Method of parking generally.
460.03   Brakes to be set, motor turned off, etc.
460.04   Prohibited areas generally.
460.05   Time limits generally.
460.06   Maximum parking period and exceptions.
460.065   Parking and storing recreational vehicles.
460.07   Obstructing traffic and use of parking lots generally.
460.08   Parking in alleys.
460.09   Obstructing alley entrance.
460.10   Parking near fire hydrants.
460.11   Obstructing driveways.
460.12   Parking near entrance to fire station.
460.13   Parking near intersections.
460.14   Blocking other parked vehicles.
460.15   Parking for purpose of displaying vehicle for sale or storing vehicle.
460.16   Parking prohibited unless vehicle in operating condition; exception.
460.17   Large vehicle parking generally.
460.18   Parking of carriers in residence districts.
460.19   Parking of oil tankers, tank trucks, etc.
460.20   Backing to curb by freight vehicles.
460.21   Bus stops.
460.22   Destruction of or failure to obey parking tag.
460.23   Presumption.
460.24   Method of enforcement.
460.99   Penalty.
   Off-street parking - see R.S.N. §§ 16-801 et seq.
   Parking - see R.S.N. §§ 39-670 et seq.
   Impounding - see TRAF. 408.08
   Parking of bicycles - see TRAF. 480.08
   Storage of unlicensed vehicles or parts - see GEN. OFF. 660.02