TITLE TWO - General Provisions
   Chap. 202. Codified Ordinances.
   Chap. 204. Official Standards.
   Chap. 206. Wards and Boundaries.
   Chap. 208. Elections.
TITLE FOUR - Legislation
   Chap. 220. Council.
   Chap. 222. Ordinances and Resolutions.
TITLE SIX - Administration
   Chap. 230. Administration Generally.
   Chap. 232. City Manager.
   Chap. 234. Department of Law.
   Chap. 236. Department of Finance.
   Chap. 238. Department of Safety.
   Chap. 240. Police Division.
   Chap. 242. Fire Division.
   Chap. 244. Department of Service.
   Chap. 246. Department of Libraries.
   Chap. 248. Sidney Civil Defense Agency.
   Chap. 250. Department of Disaster Preparedness.
   Chap. 252. Department of Economic Development/ Personnel/ Public Relations.
   Chap. 254. Community Development Agency.
TITLE EIGHT - Boards and Commissions
   Chap. 260. Planning Commission.
   Chap. 262. Board of Adjustment.
   Chap. 264. Board of Health.
   Chap. 266. Civil Service Act.
   Chap. 268. Library Board.
   Chap. 270. Tree Board.
   Chap. 272. Fair Housing Commission. (Repealed)
   Chap. 274. Historical Preservation Board
TITLE TEN - Employment Provisions and Pension Plans
   Chap. 280. Employees Generally.
   Chap. 282. Civil Service for Police and Fire Divisions. (Repealed)
   Chap. 284. General City Employees' Pension Plan.
   Chap. 286. Police Pension Plan.
   Chap. 288. Firemen's Pension Plan.