No person shall park or stop, for any period of time, an oil tanker, gasoline transport or tank truck transporting inflammable liquids, within the limits of any street or alley of the City, except to load or unload its cargo in a safe and expeditious manner. Drivers of oil tankers, gasoline transports or tank trucks may stop or park such vehicles one time while en route through the City on arterial streets or highways therein for a period of time of not more than 30 minutes for rest and meals. In case of breakdown or stalling on account of exhaustion of its motor fuel on any of such streets, the stopping of the disabled vehicle for the reasonable time necessary to remove the same to the next point where repairs can be made or to meet the emergency shall not be a violation of this section. No person shall park or stop, for any period of time, any oil tanker, gasoline transport or tank truck, whether containing any inflammable materials or not, on any private premises within the corporate limits of the City, except for the purpose of loading or unloading or breakdowns, unless the private premises is situated outside the fire limits and is used and employed exclusively for the conduct of the wholesale or retail petroleum business with ample facilities for parking oil tankers and gasoline transports or tank trucks.
(1958 Code § 16.84)