No person shall store, retain or keep on, or permit to be stored, retained or kept on, any lot or tract of land within the City any machine, vehicle or part of a machine or vehicle (a) which has lost its identity, character, utility or serviceability as such through deterioration, dismantling or the ravages of time, (b) which is inoperative or unable to perform its intended function, (c) which is cast off, discarded, thrown away or left as waste, wreckage or junk, or which has been unlicensed for a period in excess of four months under the laws of the State.
   This section shall not apply to the following:
   (a)   Such motor vehicles, motor vehicle bodies, motor vehicle chassis or parts therefrom that are kept in a completely enclosed building;
   (b)   Premises for which a permit has been granted to a junk dealer;
   (c)   Premises on which a licensed motor vehicle dealer or a farm implement dealer conducts his or her business;
   (d)   A historical vehicle as contemplated by Sections 60-3,130 et seq. of the Revised Statutes of Nebraska, qualifying as a historical vehicle and bearing a historical license plate or plates issued by the proper Nebraska licensing authority located away from public view or screened from public view.
   The storage, retention or keeping of any machine, vehicle or part of machine or vehicle prohibited under this section is deemed to be a nuisance which can be abated and removed under the procedure provided in Section 660.01(e).
(Ord. 1225. Passed 8-11-92; Ord. 1655. Passed 5-10-11; Ord. 1675. Passed 4-24-12.)