(a)   Council may, by resolution, entirely prohibit parking or stopping or prohibit parking or stopping except for those vehicles bearing all approved and properly issued handicap or disability identification or fix a time limit for the parking and stopping of vehicles in any street or district or any handicap or other parking space or spaces in the City designated in such resolution, and no person shall park or stop any vehicle in any such street or district in violation of the restrictions in such resolution. The streets or parking spaces to which such time limit or parking restriction is applicable shall have placed thereon appropriate signs, pavement or curb markings, traffic cones or standards plainly indicating such limitations to the driving public.
   (b)   Council may, by resolution, close City parking lots or any number of City parking lots to parking or any other use for any length of time, including specific hours of the day or night. No person shall enter, stop or park a vehicle in any parking lot closed pursuant to said resolution during such hours as said lot is closed. The City parking lots to which such time restrictions apply shall have placed thereon at or near the entrances to said lot from the abutting street, signs indicating the hours or time when such parking lot is closed to the public.
   (c)   Improper parking in a handicap or disability zone or space, or too close to a fire hydrant as specified in Section 460.10, is declared to be a public nuisance, and the vehicle may be towed at the owner's expense.
(Ord. 1412. Passed 5-11-99; Ord. 1476. Passed 10-23-01.)