TITLE SIX - Vehicles and Operation
Operation Generally
430.01   Application to emergency vehicles.
430.02   Civil liability.
430.03   Driving over fire hose; traffic regulations at fires.
430.04   Designation of and stopping at arterial streets.
430.05   Right-of-way generally.
430.06   Driving on right side of road; overtaking and passing generally.
430.07   Passing at intersections.
430.08   Right-of-way when overtaken.
430.09   Increasing speed when being passed.
430.10   Driving abreast of another vehicle.
430.11   Emerging from garage, alley, etc.
430.12   Stopping and turning generally.
430.13   Turning right and left.
430.14   Turning and stopping signals.
430.15   "U" turns.
430.16   Turning at intersection controlled by traffic light; right turns on red.
430.17   Following too closely.
430.18   Limitation on backing.
430.19   Driving through funeral procession.
430.20   Driving horses, wagons, vehicles, etc., on sidewalks.
430.21   Driving over new pavement.
430.22   Duty upon approach of authorized emergency vehicle.
430.23   Duty upon approaching stop sign.
430.24   "Peeling," cracking exhaust noises.
430.25   Dragging ropes, chains, etc., behind vehicles.
430.26   Engine or compression brakes.
430.99   Penalty.
   Rules of the road - see R.S.N. §§ 39-601 et seq.
   Serious traffic offenses - see R.S.N. §§ 39-668 et seq.
   Backing vehicles - see R.S.N. § 39-675
   Driving on sidewalks - see R.S.N. § 39-676
   Motorized vehicles and snowmobiles on the floodplain project right-of-way and Sidney-Deadwood Trail - see S.U. & P.S. 1074.04