Department of Fire-Rescue
240.01   Duties of Department.
240.02   Duties of Fire Chief.
240.03   Special qualifications of Fire Chief.
240.04   Special qualifications of firefighter.
240.05   Firefighter hiring procedure.
240.06   Promotion procedure.
240.07   Nonresident service.
240.08   Insurance proceeds as security against cost re fire-damaged property.
240.09   Insurance proceeds for payment of delinquent taxes.
240.99    Penalty.
   Director of Public Safety acting as Fire Marshal - see ADM. 238.01(c)
   Firemen's Pension Fund - see ADM. Ch. 288 
   Licensing of pedalcycles - see TRAF. 462.04 et seq.
   Equipment requirements for fire vehicles - see TRAF. 466.04(b)
   Fire lanes - see TRAF. 480.13
   Auxiliary fire alarm systems - see B. & H. 1440.02 (International Fire Code 1200.8)