1440.02  AMENDMENTS.
   The following sections of the BOCA Basic Building Code, as adopted in Section 1440.01, are hereby revised as follows:
   BOCA 100.1 (page 1, second line):
      Insert City of Sharon.
   BOCA 100.2 (page 1, fifth line):
      Insert City of Sharon.
   BOCA 107.1 (page 4, second line):
      Insert City of Sharon.
   BOCA 118.3 New Construction and Alterations:
      Delete entire section and substitute the following:
   The fee for new construction permits shall be based on the BOCA Valuation Date Report (the latest edition) using the cubic foot costs shown therein for the type of construction and the use group involved, adjusted to Pennsylvania by the cost modifier.
   BOCA 118.4 (page 13L third line):
      Insert $2.00 per 100 square feet; delete "per hundred (100) dollars."
   BOCA 118.5 (page 13, second line):
      Insert $2.00 per 100 square feet; delete "for each (amount) cubic foot of volume."
   BOCA 126.3 (page 19, second line):
      Insert $20.00 per hour.
   BOCA 200.1 (page 23, third line):
      Insert City of Sharon.
   BOCA 200.3 (page 23, third line):
      Insert City of Sharon.
   BOCA 300.1 (page 80, second line): 
      Insert City of Sharon.
   BOCA 301.2 (page 80, fourth line):
   Insert "Sharpsville Avenue and Walnut Avenue on the east, Silver Street on the north, North and South Irvine Avenue on the west, and Connelly Boulevard on the South."
   BOCA 1200.8 (new section):
      1200.8     Tie-in with Fire Bureau: Any building constructed within the City after March 15, 1980, or any building constructed prior to that date, but altered thereafter, which is required by this Code to have an automatic sprinkler system, an automatic fire detection service, or an automatic or manual fire alarm system, shall, in addition thereto, be provided with an auxiliary fire alarm system consisting of direct connection from the local alarm system to the Fire Bureau of the City by means of an alarm circuit system and signal. Such alarm circuit system and signal shall be on equipment approved by the Fire Chief of the City.
   BOCA 1202.9 (page 325):
      Requirements relative to mercantile are hereby deleted from subsections 1. and 2.
   BOCA 1307.2.1 (page 347, second line):
      Insert 8 feet.
   BOCA 1307.2.2 (page 348, second line): 
      Insert 3 feet.
   BOCA 1407.1 (page 358, third line):
       Insert $1,000.
   BOCA 1407.2 (page 358, fourth line):
      Insert City of Sharon.
      Mercantile (M), Moderate Hazard Storage (S-1) or Factory and Industrial (F) Uses: In all buildings or structures of use groups M, S-1 and F:
      1.   When more than 12,000 square feet in area; or
      2.   When more than 24,000 square feet in total area on all floors; or
      3.   When more than three stories in height.
   BOCA 1703.1 (page 390, fourth line): Insert City of Sharon.
   BOCA 1900.5 (page 400, third line):
      Insert City of Sharon.
(Ord.16-76. Passed 4-28-76; Ord. 9-80. Passed 2-27-80; Ord. 12-80. Passed 3-12-80; Ord. 20-82. Passed 8-25-82.)