480.13  FIRE LANES.
   (a)   Except as otherwise provided in subsection (b) hereof, no person shall stop, stand or park a vehicle at any time on any of the following streets or portions of streets designated as fire lane streets:
   Chestnut Avenue, east and west sides from East Connelly Boulevard to East State Street.
   Stambaugh Avenue, east side from East Connelly Boulevard to East State Street.
   Sharon Senior High School Roadway from Linden Street to East State Street on both sides.
   Roadway at the West Hill Elementary School, both sides of the driveway, entering on the west most driveway of Ellsworth Street and exiting on the east most driveway onto Ellsworth Street.
   Roadway at Gamble Elementary School from Hall Avenue in a counterclock- wise direction and exiting on Hall Avenue on both sides.
   Chestnut Street from Connelly Boulevard to East State Street.
   The driveway-entrance/exit on the west, south and east side of the Municipal Building, 155 West Connelly Boulevard.
   Sharon City Centre, entire length of the curb in front of the storefronts; westmost curb facing east.
   A portion of the parking area behind Case Avenue Elementary School, beginning at the northwest corner of the existing concrete barriers, thence eastwardly along their total length, with a width northwardly of eight feet.
(Ord. 29-79.  Passed 11-14-79; Ord. 26-80.  Passed 9-10-80; Ord. 3-88. Passed 3-30-88; Ord. 14-94.  Passed 12-20-94.)
   (b)   Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (a) hereof, parking shall be allowed on the east side of Chestnut Street 136 feet south from the Wilson Furniture Company driveway, southern end, to the southern end of the former Urban League Building.
(Ord. 11-94.  Passed 9-29-94.)