(a)   Flashing Lights and Audible Warning Systems. Every emergency vehicle shall be equipped with one or more revolving or flashing red lights and an audible warning system.
   (b)   Police and Fire Vehicles.
      (1)   Police vehicles, in addition to the requirements of subsection (a) hereof, shall be equipped with revolving or flashing blue lights. The combination of red and blue lights may be used only on police vehicles.
      (2)   Spotlights with adjustable sockets may be attached to or mounted on police vehicles.
      (3)   Unmarked police vehicles, used as emergency vehicles and equipped with audible warning systems, may be equipped with the lights described in this section.
      (4)   Police and fire vehicles may be equipped with a mounted rack containing one or more emergency warning lights or side mounted adjustable floodlights, or both.
   (c)   Vehicles Prohibited From Using Signals. Except as otherwise specifically provided in this Traffic Code, no vehicle other than an emergency vehicle may be equipped with lights or audible warning systems identical or similar to those specified in subsections (a) and (b) hereof.
   (d)   Authorized Period of Use. The lights and warning systems specified in this section may be used only during an emergency or in the interest of public safety and by police officers in the enforcement of the law.
(Ord. 4-78. Passed 2-22-78.)