The Director of the Department of Public Safety shall be charged with the prevention of fires and protection of life and property against fire and shall:
   (a)   Prescribe the rules and regulations for the government of the officers and companies belonging to the Department of Fire-Rescue and organize the officers and members of companies and firemen in accordance with Article XXI, Section 2103, of the Third Class City Code;
   (b)   Maintain the equipment and apparatus for the extinguishment, prevention and investigation of fires and for the public safety;
   (c)   Act as Fire Marshal of the City and perform all duties required by the Fire Marshal under Article XXI, Sections 2104 and 2105 of the Third Class City Code; and
   (d)   Perform such other duties as are assigned to him by the Mayor.
(Ord 14-66. Passed 4-26-66.)