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Voted Upon March 12, 1984
   In the matter of the incorporation of the General Law Village of Saugatuck as a Home Rule City.
   Incorporated in accordance with the provisions of Public Act 191 of 1968, being M.C.L.A. §§ 123.1001 et seq., as amended, and Public Act 279 of 1909, being M.C.L.A. §§ 117.1 et seq., as amended, without change of existing boundaries, and described as follows:
T3N, R16W, Section 8; Also all that part of Section 16 which lies north and east of the Kalamazoo Lake and the Kalamazoo River; and also a parcel of land in Section 10 described as beginning 701.91 feet north of the southwest corner of the north 5/8 of the west 1/2 of the northwest 1/4 of Section 10 on the west Section line, thence north to the northwest corner of Section 10, thence due east on the Section line to the westerly right-of-way of the Blue Star Highway (formerly known as old US 31), thence southeasterly along the westerly right-of-way of the Blue Star Highway to a point due east of the beginning, thence west to the beginning.
   The question of the incorporation of the city was submitted to the electors in the territory proposed to be incorporated at a special election held March 12, 1984, with the following result: Whole number of votes cast, 352, of which number 181 votes were cast for and 171 were cast against the proposal.
   Charter effective July 1, 1984.
   Record of proceedings filed in the office of the Secretary of State, March 21, 1984.
Chapter I. Name and Boundaries
   1.1   Name and boundaries
   1.2   Wards
Chapter II. General Municipal Powers
   2.1   General powers
   2.2   Intergovernmental cooperation
   2.3   Exercise of powers
Chapter III. Elections
   3.1   Qualifications of electors
   3.2   Election procedure
   3.3   Precincts
   3.4   Election Commission
   3.5   Regular elections
   3.6   Special elections
   3.7   Elective officers and terms
   3.8   Nominations procedure
   3.9   Approval of petitions
   3.10   Form of ballot
   3.11   Canvass of votes
   3.12   Tie vote
   3.13   Recount
   3.14   Recall
Chapter IV. Elective Officers of the City; City Council
   4.1   Elective officers
   4.2   Qualifications
   4.3   Term of office
   4.4   Notice of election
   4.5   Oath of office
   4.6   Surety bonds
   4.7   Vacancy defined
   4.8   Vacancies
   4.9   Restrictions concerning officers
   4.10   Compensation for Councilmen
   4.11   Judge qualifications of members
   4.12   Organization of the Council, Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem
   4.13   Regular meetings of the Council
   4.14   Special meetings of the Council
   4.15   Business at special meetings
   4.16   Meetings to be public
   4.17   Quorum
   4.18   Rules of order
   4.19   Vote required
   4.20   Investigations
   4.21   Publication of Council proceedings
   4.22   Depository of city funds
   4.23   Health
   4.24   Licenses
   4.25   Rights as to property
   4.26   Trusts
   4.27   Traffic Violations Bureau
   4.28   Advisory boards
   4.29   Further functions and duties of the Council
Chapter V. Legislation
   5.1   Prior legislation
   5.2   Ordinances
   5.3   Ordinance record
   5.4   Publication of ordinances
   5.5   Compilation and revision
   5.6   Penalties
   5.7   Publication of notices, proceedings and ordinances
   5.8   Initiative and referendum
   5.9   Petitions
   5.10   Council procedure
   5.11   Submission to electors
   5.12   General provisions
Chapter VI. The Administrative Service
   6.1   Administrative officers
   6.2   City Manager
   6.3   Functions and duties
   6.4   City Clerk
   6.5   City Treasurer
   6.6   Deputy Clerk or Treasurer
   6.7   City Assessor
   6.8   City Attorney
   6.9   Financial accounting
   6.10   Additional administrative powers and duties
   6.11   City planning
   6.12   Zoning Board of Appeals
   6.13   Merit system or personnel management
   6.14   Compensation and employee benefits
Chapter VII. General Finance
   7.1   Fiscal year
   7.2   Budget procedure
   7.3   Budget document
   7.4   Budget hearing
   7.5   Adoption of budget
   7.6   Budget control
   7.7   Independent audit
Chapter VIII. Taxation
   8.1   Power to tax
   8.2   Tax limits
   8.3   Exemptions
   8.4   Tax day
   8.5   Assessment roll
   8.6   Board of Review
   8.7   Duties and functions of the Board of Review
   8.8   Meetings of the Board of Review
   8.9   Notice of meetings
   8.10   Certification of roll
   8.11   Clerk to certify tax levy
   8.12   City tax roll
   8.13   Tax roll certified for collection
   8.14   Tax lien
   8.15   Taxes due notification thereof
   8.16   Collection charges on late payment of taxes
   8.17   Collection of delinquent tax
   8.18   Failure or refusal to pay personal property tax
   8.19   State, county, and school taxes
Chapter IX. Borrowing Authority
   9.1   General borrowing
   9.2   Limits of borrowing authority
   9.3   Preparation and record of bonds
   9.4   Deferred payment contracts
Chapter X. Special Assessment
   10.1   Special assessments: general powers
   10.2   Procedure fixed by ordinance
   10.3   Implementation of chapter
Chapter XI. Utilities
   11.1   General powers respecting utilities
   11.2   Acquisition of private property
   11.3   Control of utilities
   11.4   Management of utilities
   11.5   Rates and charges
   11.6   Utility charges-collection
   11.7   Accounts
   11.8   Disposal of plants and property
Chapter XII. Franchises, Contracts and Permits
   12.1   Franchises
   12.2   Right of regulation
   12.3   Rates of franchised utilities
   12.4   Purchase-condemnation
   12.5   Revocable permits
   12.6   Use of streets by utility
   12.7   Contracting authority of Council
   12.8   Purchase and sale of property
   12.9   Limitations on contracted powers
   12.10   Official interest in contracts
Chapter XIII. Municipal Rights and Liabilities
   13.1   Rights, liabilities, remedies
   13.2   Liability for damages
   13.3   Statements of city officers
Chapter XIV. General Provisions and Definitions
   14.1   Public records
   14.2   Headings
   14.3   Definitions and interpretations
   14.4   Amendments
   14.5   Effect of illegality of any part of Charter
Chapter XV. Schedule
   15.1   Purpose and status of Schedule Chapter
   15.2   Election to adopt Charter
   15.3   Form of ballot
   15.4   Effective date of Charter
   15.5   First election of officers
   15.6   First meeting of City Council
   15.7   Continuation of appointive officers
   15.8   Boards and Commissions
   15.9   Continuation of contracts and obligations
   15.10   Council action