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   At each regular city election, there shall be elected councilpersons in the number as hereinafter provided. At the first election under this charter there shall be elected seven (7) councilpersons. The four (4) candidates receiving the highest number of votes shall serve for terms of two (2) years. The next three (3) candidates receiving the next highest number of votes shall serve for terms of one (1) year. In the next year following the adoption of this charter, the three (3) candidates receiving the highest vote shall serve for a term of two (2) years. At succeeding yearly elections there shall be elected alternately four (4) and three (3) councilpersons as stated above. The term of office of the councilpersons shall commence on the second Monday in November next following the date of the regular city election at which they were elected, at seven thirty o'clock (7:30) p.m., local time.
(Amendment approved by the city electorate on November 8, 2011)