Private property may be taken and appropriated either within or without the city, for public use in connection with any acquisition, enlargement, or extension of public utilities.
   (a)    For supplying water, light, heat, power, gas, sewage treatment, and garbage and refuse disposal facilities, or any of them.
   (b)   For the purpose of opening, widening, altering and extending streets, alleys, avenues or the construction of bridges.
   (c)   For public buildings and other public structures.
   (d)   For public grounds, parking spaces, parks, marketplaces and spaces.
   (e)   For the improvement of waters and water courses within the city, the sewers, drains, and ditches.
   (f)   For public hospitals and public cemeteries, and for other lawful and necessary public uses.
   The ownership of such property shall be acquired by the city negotiation and purchase, or in any other manner permitted by the general laws by the state for the taking of private property for public use.