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   (a)   The city manager shall be responsible to the council for the proper administration of the affairs of the city and to that end shall make all appointments and removals of those appointed, except he shall receive the approval of a majority of the council for the appointment of the clerk, treasurer and assessor. He shall set employees' compensation in accordance with budget appropriations, and supervise and coordinate the work of the administrative officers and departments of the city except the work of the city clerk in keeping the council records and as the clerical official of the council.
   (b)   The city manager shall see that all laws and ordinances are enforced. He shall prepare and administer the annual budget under policies formulated by the council, and he shall keep the council advised as to the financial condition and needs of the city. He shall furnish the council with information concerning city affairs and prepare and submit such reports as may be required or which the council may request, including an annual report which shall include the work of the several departments. Subject to any employment ordinance of the city, he shall employ or be responsible for the employment of all city employees and supervise and coordinate the personnel policies and practices of the city. He shall establish and maintain a central purchasing service for the city and he or his authorized representative to be the purchasing agent for the city.
   (c)   The city manager shall attend all meetings of the council with the right to be heard in all council proceedings, but without the right to vote. He shall possess such other powers and perform such additional duties as may be granted to or required of him by the council, so far as may be consistent with the provisions of law. He shall establish procedures necessary to carry out any of the foregoing duties.