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   The city shall not be liable for unliquidated damages for injuries to persons or property unless the persons claiming such damages, or someone in his or their behalf, shall file a claim in writing with the clerk. Such claim shall be verified by the claimant or claimants, or some person having knowledge of the facts, who shall specify the time and place, the nature and extent of the injury sustained, the manner in which it occurred, the specific grounds upon which the claim of liability on the part of the city shall be asserted, the names and addresses of all known witnesses, the name of the attending physician, if any, and an itemized statement of the amount claimed. Upon filing such claim, the city shall investigate the same and may require the claimant to produce all witnesses for examination under oath. No action shall be maintained in any case unless the same be brought within the statutory period stated by the general laws of the state after such injury or damages shall have been received.