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   (a)   The city attorney shall be appointed by the council for an indefinite term, shall be responsible to and serve at the pleasure of the council and have his compensation fixed by the council.
   (b)   The city attorney shall act as legal advisor of and be responsible to the council. He shall advise the city manager concerning legal problems affecting the city administration and any officer or department head of the city in matters relating to his official duties when so requested in writing, and shall file with the clerk a copy of all written opinions given by him.
   (c)   Prosecute ordinance violations and shall represent the city in cases before the Courts and other tribunals.
   (d)   Prepare or review all ordinances, regulations, deeds, contracts, bonds, and such other instruments as may be required by this charter or by the council, and shall promptly give his opinion as to the legality thereof.
   (e)   Upon request of the council, he shall attend meetings of the council.
   (f)   He shall defend all officers and employees in all actions arising out of the performance of their official duties as directed by the council.
   (g)   He shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed for him by this charter, the city manager, or the council.
   (h)   Upon the attorney's recommendation, or upon its own initiative, the council may retain special legal counsel to handle any matter in which the city has an interest, or to assist the city attorney. This provision shall apply when in the opinion of the council a conflict of interest for the attorney may seem possible.