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   (a)   The city manager shall designate a person to act as a finance officer from among the administrative officers of the city. However, when the council feels that a separate official is required, they may so designate by ordinance and the official will be an appointment of and under the supervision of the city manager with the approval of the council.
   (b)   The finance officer shall be the general accountant of the city, shall keep the books of account of the assets, receipts, and expenditures of the city, and shall keep the council and city manager informed as to the financial affairs of the city. The system of accounts of the city shall conform to such uniform systems as may be required by law.
   (c)   He shall balance all the books of account of the city at the end of each calendar month, and he shall make a report thereon, as soon as practical, to the city manager. He shall, upon direction of the city manager, examine and audit all books of account kept by any official or department of the city.