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   (a)   The clerk shall be the clerk and clerical officer of the council and shall keep its journal. He shall keep a record of all actions of the council at its regular and special meetings. He shall certify all ordinances and resolutions adopted by the council.
   (b)   The clerk shall have the power to administer all oaths required by law and by the ordinances of the city. He shall be the custodian of the city seal, and shall affix the same to documents required to be sealed. He shall be the custodian of all papers, the treasurer's bond, documents, and records pertaining to the city, the custody of which is not otherwise provided by this chapter. He shall give the proper officials ample notice of the expiration or termination of any official bonds, franchises, contracts, or agreements to which the city is a part and he shall notify the council of the failure of any officer or employee required to take an oath of office or furnish any bond required of him.
   (c)   The clerk shall perform such other duties in connection with his office as may be required of him by law, the ordinances or resolutions of the council, or by the city manager.