Article I. General Provisions
5.64.010: Displaying Materials On Streets; Permit Required; Limitations
Article II. Face-To-Face Solicitation And Selling
5.64.120: Solicitation Permit Purpose
5.64.130: Solicitation Permit Requirement
5.64.140: Solicitation Permit Registration
5.64.150: Solicitation Permit Exemptions
Article III. Peddling In The Downtown Area
5.64.240: Permission Required; Downtown Area Designated
5.64.250: Reserved
5.64.260: Meat Food Products; Peddling Restrictions
5.64.270: Medicines Prohibited
Article IV. Telephone Solicitation
5.64.280: Permit Required
Article V. Temporary Merchants
5.64.290: Definitions
5.64.300: License Required
5.64.310: License Fee
5.64.320: Participant License Required
5.64.330: Participant License Fee
5.64.340: Temporary Merchant Sponsor License Required
5.64.350: Temporary Merchant Sponsor License Fee
5.64.360: Merchants And Merchant Sponsors; Information Required
5.64.370: Identity Of Merchants; Hearing And Determination
5.64.380: Each Sale Without A License; Separate Offense
Article VI. Miscellaneous Door To Door Sales
(Rep. by Ord. 67-18, 2018)
Article VII. Mobile Ice Cream Vendors
5.64.510: Purpose And Intent
5.64.520: Business License Required
5.64.530: Application For Business License
5.64.540: Health Inspection Certificate
5.64.550: Permitting Unlicensed Operator Unlawful
5.64.560: Driver's License; Application
5.64.570: Application; Verification
5.64.580: Application; Fee Required
5.64.590: State Motor Vehicle Permit Required
5.64.600: Operator Application Form Requirements
5.64.610: Photographs Required
5.64.620: Fingerprints Required
5.64.630: Investigation Of Applicant
5.64.640: Driver's Qualifications
5.64.650: Hearing Upon Rejection
5.64.660: Issuance Of License
5.64.670: Business License Fees
5.64.680: Display Of Identification Cards And Other Permits
5.64.690: Notification Of Name, Address Or Telephone Change
5.64.700: Exemptions
5.64.710: Claims Of Exemption
5.64.720: Noise Restrictions
5.64.730: Use Of Public Streets
5.64.740: Vehicle Inspection Prior To Licensing; Fee Required
5.64.750: Suspension And Revocation Of License
5.64.760: Appeals
5.64.770: Renewals