(a)   All articles as provided in this chapter shall be retained by the purchaser thereof for at least seven days, before disposing of them, in an accessible place, in the confines where such articles were purchased or received. No article may be changed, altered, smelted or defaced during this period. Articles may be released prior to seven days, upon inspection and approval by the Chief of Police or any police officer designated by him. The seven-day waiting period may be waived by an authorized person after inspection or voluntary submittal of records to an authorized City Law Enforcement officer. (Ord. 83-81. Passed 10-12-81.)
   (b)   If any City Law Enforcement Officer has probable cause to believe that the item(s) described in the daily list provided for under this chapter is stolen property, the City Law Enforcement Officer shall notify the pawnbroker in writing, and upon receipt of such notice, the pawnbroker shall retain such item(s) until the expiration of a reasonable period of time to conduct an investigation has elapsed, such time shall not be less than thirty days after the day on which the pawnbroker is first required to make available the information required in the daily list provided for under this chapter, unless the City Law Enforcement Officer notifies the pawnbroker in writing that retention is not required until such expiration.
(Ord. 33-10. Passed 5-10-10.)