(a)   Within the meaning of this chapter, "pawnbroker" means any person now or hereafter engaged in the business of lending money on a deposit of pledges of personal property or other valuable thing, other than securities or printed evidence of indebtedness, or in the business of purchasing personal property, or choses in action, or other valuable thing, and selling or agreeing to sell the same back to the seller at a price other than the original price of purchase, or in the business of purchasing personal property such as articles made of-or containing gold, silver, platinum or other precious metal or jewels of any description for the purpose of reducing or smelting them into any form different from their condition or construction when purchased and reselling or marketing the product.
   (b)   A person who is operating as a pawnbroker in the City, shall post in a conspicuous place in or upon his shop, store, wagon, boat, motor vehicle or other place of business, a sign having his name and occupation legibly inscribed thereon. Such person shall also post in the same place his license certificate and a copy of this entire chapter.
(Ord. 83-81. Passed 10-12-81.)