(a)   No pawnbroker shall receive any pledges or purchase any articles or things from any person under eighteen years of age, from any intoxicated person or any person under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, from and known thief or associate of a known thief or receiver of stolen property, from any person whom he has reason to suspect or bell eve to be any of the foregoing or from a senile person.
   (b)   Every pawnbroker shall immediately report to the police any article or thing pledged or sold to him, or which is sought to be pledged with him, if he has reason to believe that the article or thing was stolen or lost.
   (c)   No person shall use or provide a fictitious or false name, or address, or other fictitious or false information when selling, pledging or exchanging any article with a pawnbroker.
(Ord. 83-81. Passed 10-12-81.)