741.01   Intent.
741.02   Definitions.
741.03   Notice prohibiting solicitation.
741.04   Solicitation in violation of notice.
741.05   Time limit on solicitation.
741.06   Permit required.
741.07   Activities exempt from permit; waiver of permit fee.
741.08   Regulation of painting house numbers on street curbs.
741.99   Penalty.
   Power to inspect food products - see Ohio R. C. 715.46
   Power to regulate - see Ohio R.C. 715.61 et seq.
   Charitable solicitations - see Ohio R. C. Ch. 1716
   Trespassing - See GEN. OFF. 541.05
   Use of stands on sidewalks prohibited - see Ohio R. C. 2923.22
   Frozen deserts - see Ohio R. C. 3717.51 et seq.
   Sales of goods and services within right of way of interstate and other state highways - see Ohio R.C. 5515.07
   Retail sales license - see Ohio R. C. 5739.17
   Street vendors - see TRAF. 311.04
   Display of items for sale near street - see TRAF. 351.05