(a)   The Reynoldsburg Division of Police shall enter into a contract for services and maintain its contract for services with LeadsOnline or a similar entity in order to enhance its investigative services to protect both pawnbrokers and members of the general public. Every pawnbroker shall operate and maintain a computer system with internet access for the purposes described herein. Every pawnbroker shall subscribe to LeadsOnline or the City's current electronic reporting system and maintain said subscription throughout the term of the pawnbroker's business license. Every pawnbroker shall provide an electronic record utilizing the LeadsOnline electronic reporting system or the electronic system then in use by the City. Such report shall enter and upload all information from its books and records regarding contracts for purchase, pledges and purchase transactions to LeadsOnline or a similar system as soon as reasonably possible after the transaction is consummated. Every pawnbroker shall input information to every data field supported by the LeadsOnline system. In the event the electronic reporting system malfunctions or is otherwise not operational, the pawnbroker shall, at all times during such malfunction or non-operation, be required to keep written records of any and all transactions that would have otherwise been entered in the electronic reporting system and shall submit such records to the Reynoldsburg Division of Police within twenty-four hours of such transaction during the non-operational period. The written records shall contain all information required on the electronic reporting system. Each pawn ticket issued shall be numbered consecutively to conform to the ticket. If any article that is left on deposit, pledged or purchased has engraved thereon a number, word or initials or contains settings of any kind, the description of the article in the report shall contain the number, word or initials engraved and shall describe the setting of the item and the number of each kind. In the event of a change to its electronic reporting system, the City shall notify all pawnbrokers in the City of the change within a reasonable time prior to such change.
   (b)   No item shall be received unless the person from whom the article is acquired exhibits a driver's license or state-issued identification card and the identifying numbers are recorded on the electronic report. Whenever the dealer has reason to know or believe the pledgor or seller is under eighteen years of age, he must require that person to produce sufficient articles of identification to establish his age.
   (c)   All books or records which are required to be maintained as a result of this section shall be open to inspection by the Mayor or his designee, immediately at anytime during hours of operation. Upon demand by the Mayor or his designee, the pawnbroker shall also produce and show the articles thus listed and described.
(Ord. 83-81. Passed 10-12-81; Ord. 33-10. Passed 5-10-10.)