Transporting Vehicles and Waste Haulers
1061.01   Compliance with Chapter.
1061.02   Required markings.
1061.03   Construction requirements for vehicles with compaction units.
1061.04   Construction requirements for open body vehicles.
1061.05   Cleaning.
1061.06   Parking and storing restrictions.
1061.07   Openings to be closed and covers secured; special covers.
1061.08   Overloading prohibited.
1061.09   Duty of driver in case of spillage or intentional dumping of load.
1061.10   License; waste haulers.
1061.11   License application.
1061.12   Capping fee.
1061.13   Approval or denial of license.
1061.14   License revocation.
1061.15   Disposal of solid waste and combustible waste.