Transporting vehicles with compaction units shall meet the following requirements:
   (a)   The load carrying portion of the vehicle shall be equipped with a unit for compacting, and shall be totally and permanently enclosed and of welded steel construction. Articulated units need not provide compacting devices in those instances where the portion of the vehicle designed to hold or contain the solid waste is an independent transportable unit designed to be replaced rather than emptied at the premises.
   (b)   Such vehicles shall be of tight fitting construction and be of a design to form a totally enclosed body of unit.
   (c)   Such vehicles shall be so equipped that all loading and unloading openings on the body have tight fitting doors or covers fitted with latches or clamps and rubber or other suitable gaskets to form a spill-proof, leakproof and dustproof enclosed body or unit.
(Ord. 24D. Passed 11-8-93.)