33.01   Purpose
   33.02   General scope and intent
   33.03   Limitations
   33.04   Definitions
   33.05   Advisory Council; appointment, terms of members, duties
   33.06   Department of Emergency Management; organization, constituency
   33.07   Director of Emergency Management
   33.08   Deputy Director; duties and powers
   33.09   Chief Executive Officer, County Board of Commissioners
   33.10   Volunteers; qualifications and appointment
   33.11   Department budgeting, finance
   33.12   Emergency Operations Plan; formulation, content, adoption
   33.13   Jurisdiction; Emergency Operations Plan; official powers
   33.14   Applicability
   33.15   Responsibilities of Department prior to declaration of local disaster emergency
   33.16   General duties of officers and employees of incorporated and unincorporated areas of county; declared emergency
   33.17   Priority of emergency orders, rules, and regulations
   33.18   Noncompliance with emergency orders, rules, regulations
   33.19   Limitation of liability during emergency; tests
   33.20   Reimbursement for use of property