Powers of City
   1.   Enumerated Corporate Powers
   2.   Enumerated Powers Not Exclusive
The Commission
   3.   The Commission, Powers, Election, Term, Vacancies
   4.   Meetings of Commission
   5.   President of Commission, Mayor
   6.   Salary of Commission Members and Mayor
   7.   City Clerk
   8.   Rules of Commission
   9.   Quorum, Voting of Members, Extraordinary Vacancies
   10.   Legislative Procedure
   11.   Amending Ordinances and Resolutions
   12.   When Ordinances and Resolutions Take Effect
   13.   Authentication and Publication of Ordinances and Resolutions
The Initiative
   14.   Power to Initiate Ordinances
   15.   Consideration of Initiated Ordinance by Commission
   16.   Submission of Initiated Ordinance to Electors
   17.   Election on Initiated Ordinance
   18.   Initiated Ordinance Passed by Commission in Amended Form
   19.   Initiated Repealing Ordinances
   20.   Power of Referendum
   21.   Referendum Petition
   22.   Consideration of Referred Ordinance by Commission Referendum Election
   23.   Form of Ballot for Initiated and Referred Ordinances
   24.   Preliminary Action Under Referred Ordinance
   25.   Referendum on Emergency Ordinance
   26.   Conflict of Referred Measures
Initiative, Referendum, and Recall Petitions
   27.   Signatures to Initiative, Referendum, and Recall Petitions
   28.   Filing, Examination, and Certification of Initiative, Referendum, and Recall Petitions
   29.   Amendment of Initiative, Referendum, and Recall Petitions
Administrative Service
   30.   The City Manager
   31.   Responsibility of Manager – Powers of Appointment and Removal
   32.   Removal of Officers and Employees
   33.   Commission Not to Interfere in Appointments or Removals
   34.   Duties of Manager
   35.   Right of Manager and Other Officers in Commission
   36.   Establishment and Discontinuance of Departments
   37.   One Person as Head of Two or More Offices
   38.   Number as Assistants and Subordinates, How Fixed
   39.   Advisory Boards
   40.   Investigations by Commission or Manager
   41.   Qualifications and Duties of Director of Law
Department of Finance – Financial Procedure
   42.   Duties of Director of Finance
   43.   Monthly Statement by Director of Finance
   44.   Audits; Special Audits
   45.   Department of Purchases and Supplies
   46.   Division of Purchase and Supplies
Financial Procedure
   47.   Fiscal Year
   48.   Annual Budget
   49.   Annual Appropriation Ordinance
   50.   [Repealed]
   51.   Transfer of Appropriations
   52.   Appropriations of Excess Revenue
   53.   Expenditures Only Pursuant to Appropriations
   54.   Appropriations Accounts
   55.   Payment of Claims Against the City
   56.   Examination and Investigation of Claims
   57.   Money Required to be in Treasury
   58.   When Contracts and Agreements are Invalid
   59.   Accounts of Publicly Owned Utilities
   60.   Sinking Fund Commission
   61.   Contracts
   62.   Alteration in Contracts
   63.   Continuing Contracts
Civil Service
   64.   Department of Civil Services
Public Health
   65.   Control of Public Health by City
Police and Fire Services
   66.   Police Force
   67.   Special Policemen
   68.   Fire Force
Improvements and Assessments
   69.   Local Improvements
   70.   Methods of Special Assessment
   71.   Preliminary Resolution
   72.   Plans of Proposed Improvements
   73.   Notices Served
   74.   Board of Revision of Assessments
   75.   Claims of Damage
   76.   Final Assessments
   77.   Payment of Assessments – Liens
   78.   Damages Assessed Before Improvement
   79.   Damages Assessed After Improvement
   80.   Limitation on Damage Suits
   81.   Work to be Done
   82.   Lands Unallotted or Not on Duplicate
   83.   Interest on Assessment Bonds
   84.   Limitation on Assessments
   85.   City’s Portion of Cost
   86.   Replacing Existing Improvements
   87.   Estimate of Life of Improvements
   88.   Rebates and Supplementary Assessments
   89.   Sewer, Water and Other Connections
   90.   Sidewalks, Curbings and Gutters
   91.   Construction of Sidewalks, Etc., by City
   92.   Assessment Bonds for Sidewalks, Etc.
   93.   Plat of Subdivision
   94.   City Planning Commission
   95.   Effect of Planning
   96.   Alteration of Streets
   97.   Dedication of Streets
   98.   Creation or Change of Name of Streets
Appropriation of Property
   99.   Appropriation Authorized
   100.   Declaratory Resolution
   101.   Notice to Owners
   102.   Further Proceedings
Franchises and Public Utilities
   103.   Franchise Defined
   104.   Grants, Amendments and Renewals of Franchises
   105.   Revocable Permits Not Franchises
   106.   Passage of Franchise Ordinances
   107.   Public Utility Rates; Reserved Rights of City
   108.   Value of Grant Excluded
   109.   Extensions
   110.   Certified Copies of Grants, Etc.
   111.   No Exclusive Grant
   112.   Consent of Property Owners
   113.   Public Utility Fixtures and Appliances
Nominations and Elections
   114.   General Laws to Apply
   115.   Nomination by Petition – Qualification of Candidates
   116.   Nominating Petition Papers
   117.   Filing and Verification of Petitions
   118.   Ballots
   119.   Election, Determination
The Recall
   120.   Recall Petition Papers
   121.   Filing Recall Petition
   122.   Recall Election Ordered
   123.   Candidates to Succeed Member Recalled
   124.   Ballots in Recall Elections
   125.   Result of Recall Election
   126.   Election When Member Resigns
   127.   Limitations on Recall Petitions
Miscellaneous Provisions
   128.   Compensation of Officers and Employees
   129.   Official Bonds
   130.   Oath of Office
   131.   Financial Interest in Contracts, Etc.
   132.   Continuance of Present Officers
   133.   Continuance of Contracts
   134.   Hours of Labor
   135.   Amendments
   136.   Saving Clause
   137.   When Provisions Take Effect