§ 9-5201. Definitions.
   (1)   Administrative Agency. The Managing Director's Office, or such other agency as the Mayor may designate to administer and enforce the provisions of this Chapter.
   (2)   Homeowner. The record owner or equitable owner of a residential property.
   (3)   Residential Property. All property legally used or held out for individuals to live in, regardless of whether such property is occupied by the owners of said property, rented, or vacant.
   (4)   Solicit. To advertise the accomplishments or abilities of a Residential Property Wholesaler, request that a Homeowner list their residential property for sale, or offer to purchase a Homeowner's Residential Property through mail, oral communication, or electronic communication.
   (5)   Residential Property Wholesaler. Any person or entity who is in the business of purchasing or soliciting for purchase Residential Properties, not to use as their residence. A Residential Property Wholesaler shall not include any City or other public official or employee who acts as a Residential Property Wholesaler in the course of their official duties; any person or entity who is in the business of purchasing residential properties and substantially improving those properties for the purpose of resale; or the following licensed professionals when acting within the scope of their licensed practice area: (1) attorneys licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania, and (2) persons licensed by the Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission under the Pennsylvania Real Estate Licensing and Registration Act.