Department of Fire
   EDITOR'S NOTE:  The City enters into collective bargaining agreements with Local 1690, International Association of Firefighters, with respect to terms and conditions of employment of certain employees in the Department of Fire.  Copies of the latest agreement may be obtained, at cost, from the Clerk of Council.
153.01   Personnel.
153.02   Fire Chief; Assistance Chief.
153.03   Overtime.
153.04   Volunteer firefighters.
153.05   Uniform allowances.
153.06   Hours required.
153.07   Insurance, vacations, holidays, longevity and jury duty.
153.08   Sick leave.
153.09   Rules and regulations.
153.10   Appointment, promotion and dismissal.
153.11   Firefighter residency requirements.
153.12   Utilization charges for emergency medical services.
153.13   Emergency responder allowance.
   Appointment of Chief - see CHTR. Art. IV, § 1
   Civil service application - see CHTR. Art. IV, § 8
   Suspension of Chief - see Ohio R.C. 124.34, 124.40
   Department of Public Service employees as volunteer firemen - see ADM. 147.14
   Collective negotiating procedure - see ADM. 149.04
   Obstructing firemen - see GEN. OFF. 606.14
   Assaulting a firefighter - see GEN. OFF. 606.29
   Clean indoor air; enforcement by Fire Department - see GEN. OFF. 619.09
   Personating an officer - see GEN. OFF. 642.20
   False fire alarm - see GEN. OFF. 648.09