153.01   PERSONNEL.
   (a)   The Fire Department shall be composed of the following regular members: one
Chief, one Assistant Chief, six Lieutenants, and twenty-one Firefighters. There may also be volunteer firefighters in a number not to exceed twenty-five as may be from time to time duly designated and appointed by the Mayor.
   (b)   When a permanent vacancy occurs in the office of Chief, Assistant Chief or Lieutenant, the Mayor may appoint from the regular members an Acting Chief, Assistant Chief or Lieutenant, pending promotional exams, and may also appoint a Firefighter in accordance with the provisions of the City Charter, the rules and regulations of the Civil Service Commission of the City and the Ohio Revised Code.
(Ord. 1999-6.  Passed 2-22-99; Ord. 2001-17.  Passed 6-11-01; Ord. 2005-35.  Passed 11-28-05; Ord. 2013-7.  Passed 2-25-13.)