(a)   The Council hereby adopts as utilization charges the following rates:
      (1)   Basic Life Support   $300.00
      (2)   Advanced Life Support 1    450.00
      (3)   Advanced Life Support 2   500.00
      (4)   With a mileage fee of $6.00 per mile when transporting.
   (b)   The Mayor and the Director of Finance are hereby authorized and directed to establish a billing procedure consistent with the rates identified in division (a) of this section for the services provided, and to perform collection of such billings or to engage an agency to perform such collection services for a reasonable fee which shall be negotiated from time to time by the Mayor.
   (c)   It is the policy of this Council that the procedures for billing shall include the waiver of such billings where it is determined that the person receiving the emergency services is indigent or is otherwise unable to pay for such services, and there is no other source for the payment thereof.
   (d)   The funds collected pursuant to the provisions hereof shall be deposited into one or more funds established by Council for the purposes of the acquisition of medical services vehicles, equipment, Fire Department equipment, the upgrading and/or replacement of the current Fire and Police Department building and facilities, the payment of the cost of financing thereof, and any cost incurred in the collection of such fees. All interest earned on the monies to the credit of such funds shall be credited to the same fund.
(Ord. 2002-14. Passed 4-22-02.)