TITLE ONE - Standards
            Chap. 1301.   Ohio Residential Code.
            Chap. 1303.   Ohio Basic Building Code.
            Chap. 1305.   National Electrical Code.
         TITLE THREE - Administration
            Chap. 1321.   Building Fees.
            Chap. 1323.   Building Inspector.
            Chap. 1325.   Building Permits; Contractor Registration.
            Chap. 1327.   Occupancy Permits; Inspection.
            Chap. 1329.   Electrical, Plumbing and Heating Permits.
            Chap. 1331.   Schedule of Specifications.
         TITLE FIVE - Other Local Provisions
            Chap. 1361.   Exterior Lampposts.
            Chap. 1363.   Exterior Property Maintenance Code.
            Chap. 1365.   Garbage Disposals.
            Chap. 1367.   Numbering Buildings.
            Chap. 1369.   Masonry.
            Chap. 1371.   Sanitary and Storm Sewers. (Repealed)
            Chap. 1373.   Multi-Family Buildings.
            Chap. 1375.   Swimming Pools.
            Chap. 1378.   Dish-Type Satellite Signal-Receiving Earth Stations.
            Chap. 1379.   Unsafe Buildings.
            Chap. 1381.   Yard Grading.
            Chap. 1383.   Signs.
            Chap. 1385.   Flood Damage Reduction.
            Chap. 1386.   Blasting Operations.
            Chap. 1388.   Accessory Buildings.
            Chap. 1390.   Wireless Telecommunications Towers and Antennas.
            Chap. 1391.   Storage Areas for Commercial Waste Receptacles.
            Chap. 1392.   Entrance Walks.
            Chap. 1394.   Registration and Exterior Inspection of Rental Properties.