TITLE ONE - Planning
            Chap. 1101.   Planning Commission.
            Chap. 1103.   Subdivision Regulations.
            Chap. 1104 .   Community Reinvestment Area.
            Chap. 1105.   Erosion and Sediment Control.
            Chap. 1106.   Comprehensive Stormwater Management.
            Chap. 1107.   Riparian Setbacks.
            Chap. 1108.   Wetland Setbacks.
      TITLE FIVE - Zoning Administration
            Chap. 1131.   Definitions.
            Chap. 1133.   Applications and Plan Review.
            Chap. 1135.   Conditional Use Permits.
            Chap. 1137.   Enforcement; Penalty.
            Chap. 1139.   Board of Zoning Appeals.
            Chap. 1141.   Nonconforming Uses, Structures and Lots.
            Chap. 1143.   General Regulations.
      TITLE SEVEN- Zoning Districts and Uses; Map
            Chap. 1161.   Districts and Building Zone Map.
            Chap. 1163.   Amendments.
      TITLE NINE - Zoning Use Districts
            Chap. 1171.   Class A Districts.
            Chap. 1173.   Class A-1 Districts.
            Chap. 1174.   Class A-2 Districts.
            Chap. 1175.   Class HB Districts.
            Chap. 1177.   Class B Districts.
            Chap. 1179.   Class B-1 Districts.
            Chap. 1181.   Class C Districts.
            Chap. 1183.   Class C-1 Districts.
            Chap. 1184.   Senior Citizen Residential District.
            Chap. 1185.   Mixed Use Districts.
            Chap. 1186.   Planned Unit Developments. (Repealed)
            Chap. 1187.   Off-Street Parking.
            Chap. 1189.   Community Residential Facilities.
            Chap. 1190.   Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.
            Chap. 1191.   Type B Family Day-Care Homes.
            Chap. 1193.   Yard Structures and Landscape Features.
            Chap. 1195.   Supplemental Use Requirements.