153.03   OVERTIME.
   All non-aligned regular members of the Fire Department, excluding the Fire Chief, shall be paid, in addition to their regular compensation, for the performance of overtime duties, as provided for in Section 179.07.
   (a)   When any member is assigned to the Fire Prevention Bureau and working 40 hours per week, compensation for overtime shall be calculated by multiplying his or her normal hourly rate of pay by 1.5 for the number of hours worked in the performance of such duties in excess of 40 hours for each calendar week.
   (b)   When a non-aligned regular fireman not on duty is called in for duty at a fire, he or she shall be compensated at his or her overtime rate for all hours worked on such call, but he or she shall not receive overtime pay for fewer than two hours for the call-in.
(Ord. 1997-20. Passed 6-23-97; Ord. 2000-16. Passed 4-10-00; Ord. 2000-53. Passed 11-27-00; Ord. 2006-10. Passed 3-30-06.)