Chap. 703.   Advertising and Signs.
            Chap. 707.   Amusement Places.
            Chap. 711.   Apartment Buildings.
            Chap. 715.   Auctions.
            Chap. 719.   Billiards and Pool.
            Chap. 723.   Bowling Alleys.
            Chap. 727.   Commercial Establishments.
            Chap. 729.   Donation/Recycling Bins.
            Chap. 731.   Drive-In Businesses.
            Chap. 735.   Fortunetelling.
            Chap. 739.   Hotels, Motels, Tourist Courts and Rooming Houses.
            Chap. 743.   Ice Cream Vendors. (Repealed)
            Chap. 747.   Junk Dealers and Secondhand Stores.
            Chap. 751.   Mechanical Amusement Devices and Interactive Entertainment and Computer Sweepstake Devices.
            Chap. 752.   Medical Marijuana Operations.
            Chap. 755.   New Car Sales.
            Chap. 756.   Vehicle Title Loan Facility.
            Chap. 759.   Peddlers.
            Chap. 763.   Public Sales.
            Chap. 765.   Sexually Oriented Businesses.
            Chap. 767.   Solicitors and Canvassers.
            Chap. 771.   Sunday Sales. (Repealed)
            Chap. 773.   Tattoo Parlors.
            Chap. 775.   Taxicabs.
            Chap. 777.   Use of Public Ways by Service Providers.
            Chap. 779.   Food Trucks.